MeeWha's work is result of her desire to capture the moment with the subjects she choses to be extremely close to having them open up to her in a very intimate manner. Up close and honest. Try to get right into the world of her subjects.

Recent cityscapes are results of careful orchestration of altered reality where she feels her late son Alan is ... Searching him in the city where his dream lives on.


Form; be it a face, a bird or the pedal of a flower, emerges from the surface with each additional stroke of the medium – the visual resulting from a highly tactile effort.  Light embraces, bleeds through, and even removes colors from everything it illuminates, while often intensifying a visual excitement and drama. Many of subjects are captured under intense light condition like high noon in which every color can be visually evaporated by strong ray of sun. Light may also define time, season, or a place where she has lingered.

Among the flowers and insects, many stories are unfolding and only an observant soul may enter the world of this microcosm… dream of flying, lust for the sweet honey, sanctuary for tired wings, etc. Painting the stories that nature narrates is like meditation and a prayer of life.

The dialogue begins between the subject and her heart. As the conversation develops, the awareness of time diminishes and the pressures of daily life are lessened. Ultimately, she is at peace. And she experiences an utter feeling of impermanence. Her art making is not to make intellectual statement, but to capture what are precious things she encounters in the journey of life and visceral experiences.

As a child, she often was mesmerized when gazing at yellow crayon marks on white paper, yet experiencing a strange sensation of her existence with a touch of lonesomeness.

Numerous solo and group exhibitions of drawings and paintings in Korea and USA, private collections in Korea, China, and USA


Excerpts from CV


1988  MFA Major in Design, Minor in Drawing, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA

1986  MA Major in Design, Minor in Drawing, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA

1981  BFA Major in Industrial Design, Minor in Art Education, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea



“The 6th DahngLim Culture and Art Festival”, 17 Artists Show, AhSan, South Korea

“Academic Artists Association 68th Annual National Exhibition” Arts Center East; Vernon, Connecticut, USA

“Sorrow, Delight and Rebirth”, Solo Exhibition, Paris Koh Gallery, 640 East Palisade Ave. Englewood Cliffs, NJ,  USA


77 group show, Arisoo gallery, Seoul, Korea

Busan International Art Expo, Paris Koh Gallery, Busan, Korea

KyungJu Art Expo, Paris Koh Gallery, KyungJu, Korea


Invitational Group Exhibition, Sylvia Wald and Po Kim Gallery, NY, USA

2nd “FACE” Group Exhibition, Gallery Sobab, KyungGiDo, Korea

103rd Annual Juried Exhibition, Allied Artists Of America, Inc., The Salmagundi Club, NY, USA


“77 Friends”, NoAhm Gallery, Seoul, Korea

  “Small Matters of Great Importance Annual Juried Show”, Edward Hopper House Art Center, Nyack, NY, USA


National Juried Exhibition, Emerald Springs Art Center, Emerald Springs, Oregon, USA

  International Water Media Show Juried Exhibition, Society Watercolor Artists, Fort Worth, Texas, USA “Wings and Waters” Juried Exhibition, River Arts Inc., Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin, USA


“Faces” Solo Exhibition, Historical Society of Iowa, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa, USA